Cameras & Photo Film Photography Slide & Movie Projection Projector Bulbs & Lamps
DJL Replacement Projector Bulb 120V 150W Mfg by Sylvania USA *NEW
DJL Projector Lamp Bulb Replacement Substitute For Bell & Howell & Others NEW
DFA sylvania Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector New Old Stock.
Lot of 12 Projector Projection Lamp Bulbs Various
ENX Projector Projection Lamp Bulb 82V 360W *AVG. 75-HOUR LAMP*
The Don Hunter Project: Digitizing The Past For The Future
In the 1930’s Don Hunter bought his first audio recorder and color-film camera. Rarely a day went by when he didn’t capture a sound or snap a photo. “My girlfriend and I bought two projectors because I didn’t like to see the one slide slip off the ...
Blackmagic Design Announces the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K—Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo Video
Blackmagic Design announced the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, a new high resolution 4K digital film camera with an innovative ... accessories can be used. About B&H Photo Video As the world's largest source of photography video and audio equipment ...
Adorama NAB 2013 Lineup Includes Cinema Cameras from Blackmagic, Canon and Sony
Adorama video, film and photography specialists ... ADORAMA: More than a camera store. Adorama is more than a camera store. It is one of the world’s largest photography, imaging and electronics retailers serving customers for over 30 years.
Welcome to Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2013
SHANGHAI, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2013 ... The exhibition scope includes: Still Cameras and Camcorders, Camera Phones, Scanners, Camera Accessories, Digital Storage Media, Films, Photographic Studio Equipment ...
Lutz couple makes a splash in underwater photography
Their shared fascination with the ocean evolved into a photography business with a portfolio of 2,000-plus images featured in national publications, on calendars, in product packaging and on canvas. Locally, 17 of their large photos grace the ...
Lot of 10 New OSRAM FHS AV/Photo Lamp 82V 300W Projection Bulb- Free Shipping
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Lot of 10 each #46 6.3V .25A MINIATURE BULB Light LAMP NEW FaBuLouS 25484 32141
Bell Howell Filmo Projector Lamo Bulb 400 W 120 V Small ring
Wiko AV/Photo Lamp DDB 120V 750W Projector Bulb New In Box
Radias Tungsten Halogen Lamp Projector Bulb DNF 21V150W, 21 Volt 150 Watt
EYB New Eiko EYB General Lighting Lamp  82V 360W EYB Free Shipping
GE Vintage OEM DAY DAK 120 V 500 W 30 HRS Projector Lamp Bulb - New Old Stock
ELH Projector Projection Lamp Bulb 300W 120V *AVG. 35-HOUR LAMP*
ENX 360W 82V GE Projector Projection Lamp Bulb LOWEST PRICE & FREE SHIPPING
Toshiba 8V 50W CXL / CXR Projection Lamp, Brand New Old Stock
GE DGB DMD Projector Lamp Bulb DLD DFZ Substitute 30v 80w New NIB
NEW GE ELH Quartzline Projection Lamp Light Bulb 120V 300W SHIPS FREE!
5 OSRAM EYB projector bulbs 360W 82V
DGB (DMD) Projector Projection Lamp Bulb 80W 30V Sylvania USA  AVG. 15-HR LAMP
ANSI CBA Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector NOS New Old Stock
DDB Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector NOS New Old Stock 750 Watt
FCB 600W 120V NEW Photo Stage Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP NEW Amazing!
POA-LMP90 replacement lamp with housing
Vintage GE Projector Lamp Never Used
New Genuine Lot of 2 GE Bulb Quartzline Overhead Projection Lamp EYB 82V 360W
NEW CVX CVS Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector NOS NEW
Vintage Sylvania Projector Lamp Bulb DAK DAY Blue Top 500w 120v 30 Hr NEVER USED
CZX (DAB) Projector Projection Lamp Bulb 500W 115-120V NORELCO *AVG 25-HR LAMP*
New Ushio JCD 120V-600W DYS/DYV/BHC Japan Halogen Lamp for projection
Wiko DAH AV/PHOTO Lamp Bulb NOS New Old Stock
DEF 150W Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector NOS New GE Sylvania
GE General Electric DDB 750W 115-120V Projector Bulb Projection Lamp
OEM ELPLP88 Epson Projector Lamp Assembly For Powerlite 2040/640/97H/98/99/955..
Light bulb lamp for cine film projector P30s 8V 50W Filament "K3-8-50" USSR
SYLVANIA. PROJECTOR LAMP DRS 1000 watts 120-125v._ 25hrs *NIB*
ANSI Coded DAH (DEK-DFW-DHN-DJH) Photo Projection LIGHT BULB LAMP Projector New
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Bulb Slit Lamp 12v 30w #64260
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V7 Projector Lamp
2 Sylvania BCK Projection Projector Lamp Bulb 500W -120V Super Tru Focus NEW
Viewsonic Projector Lamp
ANSI CYK Photo Projection LIGHT BULB Studio LAMP Projector NOS New Old Stock
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OSRAM 64445U 24V50W GY6.35 Shadowless halogen lamp light
eReplacements Projector Lamp
GE DEK-DFW-DHN Projector Projection Lamp Bulb 500W 120V *AVG. 25-HOUR LAMP*
HP mp3220 mp3222 L1720A Projector Lamp w/Housing
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Pocket Spotlight, for better photography lighting
Smartphones can take great photos ... the LED light with color filters for other creative purposes or to correct color casts. Besides being compatible with smartphones and tablets, the Pocket Spotlight can also be mounted on a camera's hot ...
Know your low: The incredible history of low light photography
With our Nokia Low Light Photography Competition now in its final week for submissions, we thought we’d take a look at the story of low light photography. It will surprise no one to hear that photography and light share an inescapably tight ...
Lights ... camera ... action
If you want to know why Bengals president Mike Brown allowed the cameras of Hard Knocks into Paul Brown Stadium for the preseason that ... start panning to players coming off the field. The images blur together, but Simkins has a good feeling ...
Film Photography Technique Tips for the Digital Photographer
Film photography is similar in many ways to digital photography, and most of your standard digital photography techniques apply to film too. You just have to understand the peculiarities of film and its limitations and you’re good to go. That will be ...
Boston Marathon bombing: Photos shed light on end of manhunt
BOSTON -- After a week of chaos, the suspect in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings emerged from his hiding spot bloodied and seemingly exhausted -- the red dot of a sniper's rifle lighting his forehead. Photos ... caught on film by Murphy ...
Making it click Choosing the right camera for low-light performance
Photography ... photos are often too dark and they’re often blurry as well. Buying a camera that performs well in poor lighting conditions is your goal. In other words, a camera capable of shooting at higher ISOs. For those of us raised on film cameras ...