Cameras & Photo Film Photography Darkroom & Developing Darkroom Timers
Gralab 167 timer for Darkroom Photography Developing Good Cond In Box/Papers
Gralab 172 timer for Darkroom Photography Developing Looks Unused In Box/Papers
Darkroom GraLab 300 Timer,Film Bag,Tongs,Print Scale,Squeegee,Canisters,Sleeves
Vintage Time-O-Lite Darkroom Timer EZC-73 Good Working Condition
Vintage GraLab Model 300 Electric Wall Mount Metal Darkroom Timer EC, 2 Outlets
GraLab Model 451 High-Accuracy Digital Electronic Timer
Saunders/LPL Digital enlarging timer ET-500
Vintage Master Time-O-Lite Model M-59 60 Sec Darkroom Safelight Enlarger Timer
Vintage timer EASTMAN KODAK Red Analog Wind Up Darkroom Film stop watch WORKS!
Vintage Time-O-Lite Professional P-59 timer, Patterson safe light, foot switch
CraLab Darkroom Timer Model 300 Cra Lab
VINTAGE Kodak Wind Up Timer Model # 8239
Vintage MASTER TIME-O-LITE Industrial Timer Darkroom Photography Equipment M59
Beseler Foot Switch 8179 
Vintage TIME-O-LITE MASTER / Industrial Timer / Darkroom Mid Century
Gralab Model 165-Darkroom Timer
Vintage Master Time-O-Lite M-59 750 Watts, *WORKS!
Omega Audible Repeating Timer II Clean and Tested Glow in Dark Face
Gralab 300 Darkroom Enlarging Timer
VTG Mark Time Darkroom Timer Photo Film Developing Clock Kitchen Steampunk metal
Dental Office Dark Room Safe Light - Flow
PHILIPS PDC 1010 Electronic Darkroom Enlarger Timer Photography Rare Vintage
Vintage Time-O-Lite Master M-59 timer
Vintage Interval Kitchen Timer FR Corporation in U.S.A. Time Atomic era time
Vintage Mark Time M H Rhodes 78100 Darkroom Timer Glow in the dark
GraLab Model 300, 60 Minute Photography and Darkroom Timer
Professional Time-O-Lite photography dark room timer, Model P-59, Works
Vtg GraLab Universal Timer Model #168...
Gralab 900 Electronic Timer W/ Foot Switch 560 Great Condition
Gralab Model 451 99 Minute Electronic Timer/Intervalometer 120V/50-60HZ #5451156
GraLab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer
Gralab Model 300 60-Minute Darkroom Timer 120V/60HZ #7-300-160R
Gralab 300 60-Minute Darkroom Timer, 120V AC Power Rating #7-300-150R
Gralab 165 120V 60-Minute Sports Timer #7-165-160R
Beseler Photo Enlager and Gralab 450 Timer Dark Room
Omega Micromega Grain Focuser Enlarging Focuser 468-009 Made in Japan
Meopta Opemus III Enlarger timer, safe light, chemicals, ect, complete dark room
LPL 5553-3012 EnlargingTimer (FOOT SWITCH) fits Saunders/LPL ET-500 & many modes
GraLab Model 451 Digital Electronic Darkroom Timer with foot pedal switch
Rare Heath Company Mitchell Colorval Pm-17 Photography Darkroom Computer
GraLab Model 451 Digital Electronic Darkroom Timer with foot pedal switch
Jobo Drum 2830 and Drum Module 2870 For photo Print Processing 16x20 tank
Gralab 254 120V AC 60-Minute Food Service Timer #7-254-160R
GraLab Model 300 Photography Darkroom Timer 60 Min Glow in the Dark Dial Working
Omega CT25 Digital Dark Room Timer
GraLab Model 300 Photographic Dark Room Developing Timer Tested & Working
Vivitar Enlarger E-74, Vintage Darkroom Photography Equipment 2.25-3.25
Omega Peak Micromega Critical Focuser UNUSED IN BOX!
Omega Digital Timer
Rare Colorval II Pm-17 Photography Darkroom Computer Heath Company Michigan USA
Gralab Model 300 60-Minute Darkroom Timer 120V/60HZ #7-300-160R
Kodak Digital Timer Model 2 Darkroom USA
NEW Lab Grade Front Surface Mirror for Omega Peak Micromega Critical Focuser
Jobo Unitank 1520 With Tank Module 1530 For Film Processing
Omega Peak Micromega Critical Focuser MINT IN BOX w/NEW Mirror!
kodak Ektra-32GB unlocked smartphone-NEW with 1 year manufacturer's warranty 
TIME-O-LITE Industrial Darkroom Timer | Model M-59 | New | NOS | $119 |
Senz 3-dial type Electronic IC Enlarger Timer
GRALAB 173 Professional Photography Dark Room 15-hr Dual Outlet Universal Timer
Enlarger Timer- EPOI Printrol Electronic with foot remote
Vintage GE Interval Timer Original Box Darkroom, Photo, X-Ray.
Three Vintage 35mm film Developing Tanks: Leica, Zeiss and Kodak
Paterson Photographic Triple Timer, Three Stage Processing Timer. #PTP800
Gralab 500 LSI Digital Darkroom Enlarger Timer DIMCO-GRAY All functions tested.
GraLab Model 451 High-Accuracy Digital Electronic Timer, +/-0.01% Accuracy
GRALAB 60 Minute General Purpose TIMER MODEL 171 FREE SHIPPING
Heath Company Mitchell Colorval Pm-17 Photography Darkroom Computer (untested)
GraLab Model 300 60 Minute Photography and Darkroom Timer Safelight
GraLab Timer - Model 173 - by Gra Lab
GRALAB 645 Electronic Timer Intervalometer ELECTRONIC PUSH BUTTON DARKROOM
Vintage M. H. Rhodes 60 Minute Twist Timer Vintage in Box, 56401
Antique Densi-Timer PTM-4A Lextra Laboratories Darkroom Timer 50s
Vintage lot of 2 TIME O LITE MASTER & PROFESSIONAL Darkroom IND. timer Camera
Darkroom Triple Developing Clock Timer BRAND NEW (Paterson PTP800) Hauer
Photographic Timer, Time-O-Lite Master Model M-49, Vintage, In Original Box.
GRALAB 173 15-hr Dual Outlet Timer // Laboratory Timing / Photography Dark Room
GraLab Model 300 60 Second Darkroom Photo Enlarging Timer Exposure Clock
Beseler Audible / Repeating Enlarging Timer - Darkroom
Rare Heath Mitchell Colorval Pm-17 Photography Darkroom Computer w Box
Gralab Model 505 Darkroom Dark Room Digital Timer
GraLab Universal Timer Model 168 in Good Working Order
Vintage Gralab 300 darkroom timer. Metal Case. Clock Face Dial. Works Perfect..
GraLab Digital Darkroom Timer Model 450
Unicolor glow in dark Jingle Bell Program darkroom timer Excellent
GraLab 450 Darkroom Timer
Vintage Novatek Digital Darkroom Timer Photo Enlarger Model 660
Vintage Working Eastman Kodak Timer MODEL B INTERVAL
GraLab Model 450 Electronic Darkroom Timer (120V/60Hz)
GraLab Model 300 Darkroom Timer | 60 Minute | Tested | New | NOS | $89 |
Time-O-Lite Professional Photography Darkroom Timer Model P-59 - Works
Kodak Timer - Collectable
Vintage GraLab Darkroom timer. Model 300 60 Minute CraLab Gra Lab
Vintage General Electric Darkroom Interval Timer Good Working Condition USA made
GraLab 300 Darkroom Timer + Simmon OMEGA Audible Repeating Enlarging Timer WORKS
Gralab GrayLab Lab/Darkroom Timer Model 605 110VAC in/out
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OSU Extension offers workshops for aspiring young photographers
“I used a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and won a blue ribbon. In high school I spent many hours after class in the darkroom helping the yearbook and newspaper staff.” “That was when I got my first 35mm camera, a Canon A-1. I utilized it throughout ...