Cameras & Photo Film Photography Film Backs & Holders
Polaroid 8X10 processor Complete Kit w/ 81-05 Holder (TESTED - GUARANTEED)
Lisco Regal 2 II, 4x5 Sheet Film Holders, Excellent condition, U.S. Seller
Polaroid 405 4X5 pack film holder back FP100c for 4X5 cameras
Calumet 8x10 WALNUT film holder metal dark slides $60 shipped for large format
Kodak Graflex Century 5x7 Cut Sheet Film Holders Wood Lot of 8 Good Shooters
Hasselblad 16 S Film Back for 500 Series Cameras
Three cool cameras for photo enthusiasts
Taking photos is more ... level by using a camera that is reminiscent of the classic instant photography cameras. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 forgoes the LCD screen, interchangeable lens, and other complicated settings common in digital cameras today.
Despite challenges from disability, a photographer finds success in weddings
Carving a niche in wedding photography, Jaleel King can often be seen roaming around the floor of a ceremony or reception, squeezing into tight spots to get the perfect shot. Shooting weddings is notoriously laborious, but it’s even more challenging for ...
Chapman Center exhibit traces history of photography
If you take the time to understand that it is the photographic process — 8-by-10 view camera and printed in platinum — used to create this photo ... on glass plates or film and painstakingly developed in a darkroom with chemical baths ...
Alec Baldwin, Guest Curator, Celebrates a Life-long Passion for Rock Photography
As Rock Paper Photo's latest curator, the stage and film actor, TV personality and podcast host has hand-picked a collection of 25 photographs of music and film legends who inspire him. Subjects include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson ...
Photographer Alex Burke, who uses large format cameras and film, will talk to Loveland Photo Society
Burke does his photography much the same as all photographers, however he makes use of the large format cameras and film. Using film ... in the dark for hours in order to return to the light with a fine photo in hand for the effort. The Loveland ...
Hasselblad 16 V-Button Roll Film Back Chrome [INSERT DOES NOT MATCH] #245
1 Lisco Regal Cut Film Holder 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Large Format Sheet Film NOS
Hasselblad Dark Slide Holder Magazine Accessory A12 A24 Dark Slide 500cm 501 503
four MPP 5x4 film sheaths for plate holders - Graflex Linhof Cambo Graphic Sinar
Lisco Regal 8x10 Film Holder
Mamiya 7 35mm 135 Panoramic Adapter Kit AD701 / 26443
7x17 Film Holder
Nikon MF-1 250 Exposure Back for F2 F2AS F2SB F2S MF1 - Matching Serial Numbers
Nikon MF-1 MF1 250 Exp. Film Magazine Back for F2 -Clean- (714-7)
(4) Riteway 4 x 5 Film holders Graflex No. 1284
Graflex US Army Combat-70 Graphic KE-4. Kodak Ektar 4" f2.8 and 8" f4. WORKING
8 – 5x7 Lisco wood frame Film Holders very good condition
- Polaroid Back Linhof Technika IV 2X3, 6X9 Press 70, 23 (av)
5 - Rochester Camera Supply Co. - 5x7 Wooden GLASS PLATE Holders - Large Format
Pack of 2 Fidelity Elite Plastic 4x5 Sheet Film Holders
Polaroid Land 8x10 Film Processor Model 81-01 120 VAC 3.5 AMPS 50/60Hz
Linhof Technikardan 4x5 View Camera System With Five Lenses, Extras
4X5 Wood Glass Dry Plate Holder, OD 13mm x 123mm x 154mm
4X5 Wood Glass Dry Plate Holder, OD 13 x 123 x 154mm
2X3 Graflex Graphic 8 Exposure Roll Film Back with Knob Advance
Hasselblad A12 Film Back Magzine Type II Black
Da Yi Multi-Format 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9, 6x12 Film Back Holder & 3 Finder Masks - USA
- Avant Polaroid Film Back for Linhof Technika 4x5 (av)
Heiland Cord - No. 57-1 for use with A.S.A. Double Post Synchronized Shutter
8x10 Polaroid 809
Polaroid Film Back CB-70 CB-72 600 instant film back
8x10 to 4x10 View Camera Back For Deardorff
LNIB Pentax 645 120 Film Insert w/Hard Case
Two (2) Grafmatic Film Holders 2 1/4 x 3 1/4"
Calumet Model C2 6x7 120/220 Large Format 4x5 Roll Film Holder (magazine)
Two vintage Graflex Grafmatic 4x5 sheet film holder view camera backs w/ septums
Lot of 5" x 7" Large Format Camera Frames with Asst. Portrait Inserts - Parts
Two vintage Graflex Grafmatic 4x5 sheet film holder view camera backs w/ septums
HASSELBLAD A24 BLACK LATEST SV 500 501 503 555 503CW 501 501CM SWC 903 MINT LN
Assortment Of Ambico Camera Accessories Shade , Compendium Lens Shade Much More
Polaroid Pro Back II Requires Quick Release Hinge Adapter
4x5 Fidelity Elite Plastic Dark Slide, USED
8X10 FILM HOLDERS, Fidelity Deluxe & Elite, Lisco Royal, all NICE
Polaroid 545i 4x5 Back - Excellent Condition!
Hasselblad magazine 12
Custom Aluminum 4x5 Spring Back Large Format Camera
Graflex Graphic Film Pack Adapter 4x5 Large Format Film Holder Cat. No. 1234
4x5" Film Holder Sleeve Hook/Loop Case Closure 18oz Vinyl - Grey 6.5x7.5" - NEW
Bronica 120 6x6 Film Back for SQ-A Medium Format SLR
Graflex 2x3 6x9 120mm Roll Film Back
Bronica 120 E roll film back 6X4.5 ETRSi ETRS ETR ETRC EXC+ #30212
Bronica 120 E roll film back 6X4.5 ETRSi ETRS ETR ETRC EXC+ #30213
Polaroid CF72A pack film holder back FP100c for 4X5 cameras 110 Conversion MP4
Mamiya RB67 Pro SD 120 Roll Film Holder Magazine 6x7 HA701 Y21610 6 x 7 S
- Fidelity Elite 8x10 Sheet Film Holder, Cut Film Holder
Orbit, Cambo Roll Film Back for 4x5 Cameras
Hasselblad A12 film back
Hasselblad Magazine 70 Back 30139 - Chrome for 70mm Film Boxed w One Cassette
Mamiya RZ 67 outfit (220 film back)
8x10" wood film holder called a "Sterling" by Folmer/Schwing w/both dark slides
Hasselblad A12 Film Back Magazine 6x6 Chrome
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II 220 Film Magazine for all models of the RZ67 Cameras in EC
Sinarback 54H Digital Back with Sinar Plate Adapter 551.65.233
Lot of 3 Cut Glass Plate Film Holders or Sheaths, 9 x 12 cm Metal Construction
Lisco Regal II 4x5 Film Holders - Set of 3 Holders
Canon Film Loader 250 for Canon F1 Camera new in opened box
four as-is 8X10 wooden glass plate holders -Wet -Kodak -Century -Rochester -etc
4x5 Riteway sheet film holder
70mm Cassette for Hasselblad 70mm back
Vintage 5 x 7 Wooden Film Holder
Bronica SQ-i 220 film back SQi for SQ SQA SQAi cameras - Nice Mint-!
Nikon MF-25 MF 25 back film door for N90s N90 F-90X 35 mm SLR analog camera USED
*** Graflex Cut Film Magazine 4"x5" w/ 12 Septums ***
Nikon Data Back MF-16 Function Date Back Door FM3A/FM2n/Fm2/FA/FE2++Works++NICE
K528~ Genuine Koni Omega Rapid M 100 200 Camera Darkslide – Clean Dark Slide
Unexposed Expired KODAK MAX Versatility Plus 800 Color Print Film 4 rolls of 24
4X5 Horseman 10 Exposure Roll Film Back 120 (6X7) Lever Model 452
Lot of (6) 6 Lisco Regal 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" Large Format Film Holders
Hasselblad A24 220 6x6 Medium Format Film Back Magazine 30171 Black
Mamiya Film Back with 220 Film Insert to fit Mamiya 645 Pro (4699)
Linhof Rollex 6x9 2 1/4 x 3 ¼ Roll Film Back for 4x5 Technika - old Munchen logo
Hasselblad Magazine A16S Chrome (#30090)
SinarBack 54 Digital Back with Sinar Plate Adapter 551.65.233 and Covers 551.65.
*MINTY* Vintage 8x10 Wooden Film Holder, Graflex for Kodak with Darkslides BLACK
Polaroid 545i
Vintage 8" x10" Fidelity -  Wooden Film Holders (2)
Linhof Super Rollex 56x72 Roll Film Holder Magazine - Japan #100 FILM B2-8 (120)
Hasselblad A12 120 Film Back For V Series
Pentax 645 film back 120mm With Box
Mamiya POUCH (Mamiya 6, 7 lens, 645 PRO body, RB/RZ back, ZD, DM digital backs)
Mamiya Universal Press Metal Polaroid Film Back Holder w/ P Adapter RB67
Fidelity Elite 5x7 Cut Sheet Film Holder
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Did the Lomo camera save film photography?
End of messages: Telegrams STOP Barcelona's weekly circle dance Watch The price of taking on the mafia 10 things we didn't know last week It was a nervous time for film photography ... camera on me all times, which meant I never missed a photo ...
Documentary clicks capture richness of New China
Today, about 100 million in the country have top equipment. But accessibility is only one reason why veteran photographers claim that now it's the best time for documentary photography. For them, this era is such a gold mine of material that they simply ...
Worcester’s LB Wheaton Keeps Photographic Arts Alive
But L.B. Wheaton has managed to stay strong for over a century, serving the community since 1895 and selling cameras ... grand change from film to digital photography to the rise of megastores and online shopping. “Back when I started ...
The remarkable pinhole cameras hand carved from a maple tree and held together with magnets
Halilovic said: 'In pinhole photography ... 120roll film. The camera has a pinhole size of 0.30 mm, a focal length of 40 mm and a standard tripod mount. For £106 photographers can buy a standard 4" x 5" film holder that is secured onto the back of any ...
150 cameras for 150 children
The 31-year-old artist from the city of Herne in Germany is now travelling back to Africa. Her suitcase is filled with 150 cameras ... Köhler's photo project was born ten years earlier. It was inspired by a documentary film about a photography project ...
Wedding Tintype Portraits with a Massive 20×24 1800′s Camera
When my wife Sara and I finally decided to start planning our wedding (after a crazy Muppet Proposal proposal that seemed to tickle quite a few people’s fancy) one thing that became very important to us was what to do with our wedding ...