Cameras & Photo Film Photography Darkroom & Developing Other Darkroom & Developing
Ilford Multigrade Filter Set - Set of 12 Filters 8.9 x 8.9 cm square
Bestwell Optical Instrument Corp Mini Sight Grain Focusing Scope Metal EXCELLENT
Photo film developing stainless steel canister with two 35 mm Hewes reels
Vintage Lloyd's Daylight Bulk 35mm Film Loader / Winder with Box  & instructions
Watson Model 100 35mm Bulk Film Loader
Gravity Works DarkRoom Print Washer
DK ColorMount Dry Mounting Tissue, 20"x30', Roll #608
Vintage Eastman Kodak Glass Beakers
Excellent+ Samigon Film Changing/Handling Bag
3 - 11 X 14 Red, White & Blue Darkroom Developing Trays
Parallel enlarger aligning tool Versalab New
Select Contact Print Frame 11x14
Polaroid Daylab Day Lab Instant Film Slide Transfer Enlarger Processor Model 300
3) 8x10 Inch KODAK Duraflex DEVELOPING TRAYS for Film or Paper in Original BOX
Beseler PM2 Color Analyzer Solid State Dark Room Equipment New w/ Cover and Tags
dark room accessories film exchange bag measuring cups etc
35mm Film Cutter ~ Used, Germany
Seal 745B 18x22" Photo Dry Mounting Press PICKUP ONLY (SE Pa.)
Vintage Photographic Darkroom Beaker
Watson Model 100 35mm Bulk Film Loader, & Portable Fabric Film Changing Darkroom
Marshall's Photo Retouch Colors Kit Group 1 Film Photography NEW UNOPENED
35mm Film Cassette Cartridge Opener Removal Darkroom Processing Tool Film Reload
VTG Kodak Darkroom Photography Measuring Glass Apothocary Chemical Measure 16oz
Paterson Major Focus Finder
Noritzu 35mm Film Splicer with leader pages
Kodak Polymax Filter Set of 11
Vintage Bestwell Optical Magna Sight Focus Sight NICE!!!
Datatainer photographic CHEMICAL CONTAINER
Marshall's Photo Coloring Set For Hand Coloring Black and White Prints 15 Colors
Watson 35 mm. Bulk Film Loader, Made in USA with Instructional Booklet
Universal Film Developing Tank 35mm or 120 With 21 adjustable Reel & Film Clips
Film Changing Bag 26.5" x 29"
Kodak Polycontrast Acetate Filters 150mm x 150mm
CPM Delta 1 One Quart Chemical Storage Bottle
2 Reels for GAF Developing Tank -- New Reels, made in USA
Developing, The Negative Technique (C. I. Jacobson -1976 edition w/ book jacket
The Omega Enlarger Guide (Including All Models) 1960 4th Printing SoftBound Book
35mm Bulk Film Loader original box - Vintage Watson '66' C" (Burke&James)
Kodak Photographic Chemicals Booklet
Darkroom Beaker - 1000ml.
Kalt Multiple Contact Printer Model G
Dot Line Corp. 17" by 17" Film Changing Dark Bag New Never Opened 
Alden 200 Model 72, Bulk Film Loader for 35mm Film
WATSON 35mm Bulk Film Loader
Vintage Marshall's Liquid Photo Retouch Colors Group 1 Complete
Darkroom Printing Equipment Mixed Lot
kodak portable miniture enlarger 35mm
Tall Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank w/ 5 Reels
Paterson Micro Focus Finder - No. 643
2x OSRAM Halogen Optic Lamp 64653 HLX ELC 24V 250W GX 5.3
Pfefer Products Watson Model No 100 35mm Bulk Film Loader Orig Box Reload
> Magna Light Enlarging Darkroom Grain Focuser Focussing Magnifier 70
35mm Film Cassette Cartridge Opener Darkroom Developing Tool Bulk Film Reload
MARSHALL'S Photo Retouch Colors Kit Vintage 8 Bottles Group 1 Photograph
Large Format Film Changing Tent for up to 11×14 films
Photo darkroom equipment used 
Paterson plastic darkroom photo developing tray 24" X 28.5"
NEW O-RINGS for ALL Beseler 35mm Negatrans Negative Carriers
Vintage Black & White Photography Defender Texture Screen - Bromoil
Revolving Darkroom Door Assembly Model 200S
Falcon Chemstor Professional Darkroom Chemical Storage Container 1 Gallon Gal
Stainless Steel tray for 4x5 negatives with lid.
Vtg BUY KODAK Film Dark Room Apron 7F
Vintage Bestwell Optical Magna Sight Enlarger Focusing Sight
Vintage KODAK PROJECTION PRINT SCALE Enlarging Printing Aid
NuTek/Photo Tools 4X5 MinitMask Minit Mask, Boxed
Vintage Staticmaster Camel Hair Anti-Static Brush with Box - 1C 200
Polaroid Daylab Jr. Day Lab Junior Instant Film Slide Transfer Enlarger, 35mm
Eastman Kodak Developing Kit Model 3A w/Printing Frame & More! Circa 1930's
Beseler Cat No 411A Polycontrast Filter Kit Original Box Vintage 1395#28
Eastman Kodak Glass 8 Ounce Measuring Beaker
Bostick & Sullivan Platinum #3 Potasium Chloroplatinite 20% Solution 25ml
Vintage Antique Dallan Photography Developing Tank Photo Film
Kindermann STAINLESS STEEL FILM REEL for 120/620 Film - Appears UNUSED #23198
Beseler Enlarger Lens Board 23C/45 Series 4"X4" 39mm
Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 + 20 Instant Film
Rare Pentax 35mm Bulk Film Cartridge Loader – New in Pentax Factory Box
OMEGA CS-50 AUTO EXPOSURE CONTROL with original instructions
Darkroom enlarge for photography
Ilford Multigrade Filter Set, 6 x 6in. - Used/Preowned
Fujifilm Instax SHARE Smartphone Fuji Instax Printer SP-2 Gold + 20 Instant Film
ACME COLOR 35mm Optical & Effects Printer, Camera, Projector, B&H Movement more!
ESECO Speedmatic 2 Way Revolving Darkroom Door Model 2W28, NEW
DK 40.5"x50 Yards Colormount, Heat Activated Print Mounting Tissue Roll #618
DK 24"x100 Yards Colormount, Heat Activated Print Mounting Tissue, 1 Roll #615
Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS 40D,50d #432
Paterson Darkroom Scope / Grain Finder / Enlarger loupe / magnifier
Delta Darkroom Sink, Six foot sink with custom cabinet
Beseler 4x4-Inch Enlarger Lens Board Lensboard
Select Contact Print Frame 8x10
Minolta Auto Bellows Complete Set w/Focusing Rail, Case NEAR MINT #561
DK 36"x100 Yards Colormount, Heat Activated Print Mounting Tissue, 1 Roll #617
Phillips PCA 2060 Color Analyzer System 2000 Complete Dark Room Equipment
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Why Camera Bans At Concerts Aren't Insane, Just Misguided
You don't have to dive very deep into the internet to find arguments about the issue of camera bans at concerts. Zooey Deschanel's adorable indie rock band, She & HIm, asked that people please stop watching the concert through their phone cameras.
Photographer Alex Burke, who uses large format cameras and film, will talk to Loveland Photo Society
Burke does his photography much the same as all photographers, however he makes use of the large format cameras and film. Using film ... in the dark for hours in order to return to the light with a fine photo in hand for the effort. The Loveland ...
Lytro-Like Accessory Turns Your DSLR Into A Light-Field Camera
A new experimental add-on for DSLRs brings Lytro-like refocus-able photos to any camera ... What really matters is that digital photography is beginning to enable a lot more than just copies of film cameras and fake computer-generated light leaks.
Stock Site Stats Reveal the Most Popular Cameras Among Stock Photographers
About a week ago, the stock photography website Dreamstime got in touch with us to offer us some exclusive information. Having recently added a “search-by-camera” feature, they had compiled a huge amount of statistical data on the most ...
Three cool cameras for photo enthusiasts
Taking photos is more ... level by using a camera that is reminiscent of the classic instant photography cameras. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 forgoes the LCD screen, interchangeable lens, and other complicated settings common in digital cameras today.
Is this Nokia's last ditch attempt to take on Apple and Samsung? New handset has 41megapixel camera - the biggest of all phones
Nokia's latest high-end smartphone was revealed as the Finnish firm battles to arrest a steady decline in demand for its devices and reclaim ground lost to rivals Apple and Samsung. A UK release date for the Lumia 1020 was not confirmed but the phone will ...